The story

Seafood Trading Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Reykjavik Iceland by Mr. Egill Guðni Jónsson.

Since then, the main focus has been trading cold water prawns, both industrial for reprocessing and cooked & peeled. In the past years, Seafood Trading has expanded its business to supplying raw material such as whitefish, redfish and mackerel for reprocessing.

Seafood Trading also supplies bait for crab and lobster fisheries.

Our promise

Excellent quality

Our objective is to only offer top quality products from both the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean from certified producers and fishing vessels.

Experienced professionals

With decades of experience in the seafood sector, we take pride in our work.

Unique customer service

We offer quality personal service and are available around the clock should you need any assistance with your shipments/orders.